L’infini, based in Berlin (Germany) and Shanghai (China), was established by fashion designer Yong Lee and Shanghainese DJ Matt Yin in 2008.
L’infini reflects the philosophy of the designer: the garment itself is finite, but what its creation expresses for every individual is infinite. Respecting individual needs and desires is the mission of L’infini.
Berlin’s dynamic street casual and Asian understated sophistication together create the look of L’infini: sophisticated, classic and chic; but young and fun, deconstructed and playful.
Social responsibility is important to L’infini. Almost all garments are made in downtown Berlin and Shanghai organic and natural fabrics selected by the designer.

Yong Lee, born in the east of China, moved to Berlin at a young age. After studying English literature at the University of Potsdam, he went to ESMOD Berlin International Fashion School, a major institution in Pattern Making. He also works as a fashion journalist in Europe. His experiences in these sectors had a profound impact on his design: a modern silhouette with subtle details, a contradictory aesthetic between plain and exaggerated.