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Besides the Read-to-Wear Line by Yong Lee, L’infini provides a Tailoring Line. L’infini makes not only the traditional tailoring service, such as Suits, Shirts for men and Evening Garments for ladies but also more fashionable items: the hand-made Tees and Jeans.
We make delicate bespoken items as we:
  • Professionally advise customers in choosing fabric, style and printing.
  • Make new designs according to the customer’s personal desires and style.
  • Create individual paper patterns for each customer. We save these in our customer databank for customer convenience and to provide better customer service.
  • Sew Tees and Jeans using choice jersey, especially organic and recycled jersey with intelligent cut und sophisticated details.
  • Design and make high-fashion Evening Garments using subtle draping techniques and fine fabrics such as Chiffon and Silk.
  • Monitor tailoring process systematically using our own in–house experienced tailor.
  • Provide fittings to ensure perfect customer fit and satisfaction.